The Nesamony Memorial Christian College is owned and managed by the Kanniyakumari Diocese of the Church of South India. The Executive Committee of the Diocese appoints the Principal of the College. The College Governing Board, constituted by the Diocese, makes all other appointments subject to the approval of the Executive Committee. The major financial and administrative policies of the College are formulated by the Governing Board.

The general administration of the College is vested in the principal. He is assisted by the Vice-Principal in the day-to-day administration of the College. In the absence of the Principal, the Vice-Principal or the authorized Professor in station shall be in charge of the routine affairs of the College.

The Principal shall be responsible for supervising the maintenance of the accounts and properties of the College in accordance with the rules stipulated by the University, the Government and the Management.

The Heads of Departments will be responsible to the principal for the organization, co-ordination and smooth running of their departments.

The Staff Council

The Staff Council shall consist of the Principal, Heads of the Departments, the Senate member, and the Office Superintendent.

The Principal shall be the Chairman. The Council shall appoint one of the members as the Secretary who shall hold office for one year but shall be eligible for re-election.

The Staff Council is an advisory body to help the Principal in academic matters and in the maintenance of discipline. Some of the general administrative work of the College may be distributed by the Principal among the members of the Council or other Staff.

The meeting of the Council shall be convened at such times as the Principal may consider necessary.

The Secretary of the Council shall keep a record of the proceedings of all meetings.

The Principal - Chairman shall be the sole judge of any point of order.

Staff Council for 2021-2022
Dr.K.Paul Raj Principal - Chairman
Dr.R.Sheela Christy HoD of Physics & Vice Principal, - Secretary
Dr.C. Selva Kumar HoD of Tamil
Dr.A. Sajan HoD of Tamil (SF)
Dr.S. Anitha HoD of Malayalam
Dr. Natasha Sebastian HoD of Malayalam (SF)
Dr.M. Prabha Punniavathi HoD of English
Dr.R.S. Tibi Thomas HoD of English (SF)
Dr.A. Pramila Inpa Rose HoD of Mathematics
Dr.E.Ebin Raja Merly HoD of Mathematics (SF)
Dr.L. Padmaja HoD of Physics (SF)
Dr.N.T. Nevaditha HoD of Chemistry
Dr.C.Issac Sobana Raj HoD of Chemistry (SF)
Dr.G. Johnsi Christobel HoD of Botany
Dr.N. Maybel Starlin HoD of Botany (SF)
Dr.G.D. Biji HoD of Zoology & Vice Principal
Mrs.T.N. Jasmin Joy HoD of Zoology (SF)
Dr.D.S. Arul Selvan HoD of Computer Science
Dr.D. Latha HoD of Computer Science (SF)
Mr.A. Jaisingh HoD of Computer Applications (SF)
Dr.M. Glory Bai HoD of History
Dr.G. Robert Gixon HoD of Economics
Mrs.W.Sunitha HoD of Economics (SF)
Dr.P.V.Lal Wilson HoD of Commerce
Dr.C. Christal Pappa HoD of PG Commerce (SF)
Dr.S.Sam Santhose HoD of Management Studies (SF)
Mrs.T.S. Shiny HoD of Tourism Management (SF)
Dr.M.Daniel Peinbaraj Director of Physical Education & HoD of SF
Dr.C. Paulson Librarian
Dr.S. Jaya Kumar Senate Member, M.S University
Mrs.P.Paul Thangam Office Superintendent
  • Marthandam,
    Kanyakumari District,
  • 04651 - 270257