[ESTD:1964, Administrated by CSI Kanniyakumari Diocese]
Affiliated with Manonmaniam Sundaranar University
Accredited to NAAC with ‘A’ Grade
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Rules And Regulations
(a) General Discipline
  • Every student has an obligation to obey the rules and regulations of the College and to respect and uphold its discipline.
    1. Students should wear uniform dress on all working days except last working day of every month.
    2. Boys are allowed to wear only shirts and pants. Boys should not wear short shirts/Multicoloured shirts with pictures/ Pants with Multiple pockets/Jeans pants/T-shirts/Dhothies*.
    3. Girls should dress modestly and should not wear transparent dresses/half Sarees.
  • The behaviour of the students should be gentlemanly. Indecent behaviour towards teachers or fellow students or others will be dealt with seriously.
  • The students should move quietly from one classroom to another and maintain discipline.
  • Students should be in their classes in time, and shall sit according to their class number.
  • No student shall leave the classroom or laboratory without the permission of the teacher-in-charge.
  • Late comers shall enter the classroom or laboratory only with the permission of the teacher-in-charge.
  • The cleanliness and safety of the College building and its property is the responsibility of every student. Any attempt to damage the College property would be viewed very seriously.
  • Students are prohibited from organizing or attending meetings in the College, distributing notices or hand bills or collecting money for any purpose without the permission of the Principal.
  • Students shall not address to any authority in a collective petition or make complaints to a body. All requests, petitions, complaints and appeals should be made to the Principal.
  • Every student must wear the Identity Card in the College premises.
  • Smoking and use of alcohol or intoxicating drinks or drugs are strictly prohibited.
  • The College authorities will not be responsible for misconduct or criminal offence outside the College. Students are expected to behave in a fitting manner even outside the College so as to keep up the good name of the College.
  • The boys should not enter the premises of the girls’ retiring room
  • under any circumstance.
  • Students are not permitted to bring cell phones into the campus. Violation of this rule will be viewed seriously.
  • Eve-teasing and ragging are banned in the campus. If any student indulges in eve- teasing and ragging, criminal action will be initiated against that student.
  • Male students should have their hair trimmed in a descent manner. They should have a clean-shaved face. Keeping beards and growing fancy moustache are prohibited.
  • The students are strictly warned not to track or post College controversy matters in social media like facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube etc. If violated strict action will be taken.
  • Any student
    1. Who is persistently insubordinate
    2. Who is habitually irregular in attendance or inattentive to his work in class.
    3. Who is repeatedly or willfully mischievous or obscene in word or act.
    4. Who is guilty of fraud or malpractice in examinations
    5. Who takes part in political agitations or in any movement causing social discord: will be removed from the rolls temporarily or permanently according to the severity of the offence.
(b) Issue of certificates
  • Transfer Certificates will be issued to students who leave the Institution, only after all the dues are paid.
  • Certificate (Transfer, conduct etc.) will be issued within a week from the date of application.
  • The Principal will not issue a certificate of pass for any University Examination.
  • Fees for the issue of certificates:
  • Duplicate Transfer Certificate Rs.500
  • Any information / Certificates from the college records Rs. 50
(c) Attendance & Leave
  • University and College rules require regular attendance in all classes (theory and practical), Games, NCC., NSS., and other part V subjects.
  • Leave should be applied for, in advance in the form available at the office. Leave application should be addressed to the Vice- Principal /Principal through HoD.
  • Absence without the leave application is punishable with fine.
  • Attendance is taken at the beginning of each period. Absence in one class either in the morning or evening will be recorded as absence for half a day.
  • In case of unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances, the leave applications shall be submitted immediately on return after absence.
  • A student absenting himself from the College for more than 15 consecutive working days without satisfactory explanation is liable to be removed from the rolls.
  • Leave applications, in the case of illness should be countersigned by the parents or guardian. Application for sick leave for more than three days should be accompanied by medical certificate.
  • No student will be exempted from Tests or Assignments.
  • Fee concession holders and scholarship holders should have minimum 90% attendance (G.O. 666 of 24.4.1979)
  • Students have to put in 75% attendance for writing University examination without paying condonation fee to the University. Rs. 1000/- will be charged from those who have 60% to 75% attendance, and if less than 60% the semester has to be repeated.
  • The University has introduced brake system from the academic year 2017-18 in which the students who repeat the semester cannot continue the course.
  • Marthandam,
    Kanyakumari District,
  • 04651 - 270257