About Us

To make this college a university that new paths are made for the people to prosper and progress.
Uplifting and empowering the poor and downtrodden of this rural and backward area through value based and skill-oriented higher education.
The emblem
The emblem of our college bears a Cross, a Church, a Palmyrah tree, a Star, a Book and a Lotus flower. The cross shows that our college is a Christian Institution. The Church signifies sanctification, as we get sanctified through prayer. The Palmyrah tree is a special feature of the district. Every part of it is useful in our daily life. At the top there is a Star which stands for guidance. We look up to Him whenever we are in distress. The open book and the Lotus, our National flower, symbolise knowledge and wisdom respectively. Our motto - FAITH, ENDEAVOUR AND POWER - embraces all these features.
College Anthem

We love this College we love her true,
This Christian College of Marthandam
We’re proud of her name and we’re proud of her fame
So join together and praise her name
For we are one with the College,
That stands high, that stands high, that stands high
We are one with the College
That stands high, for wisdom and purity.
We kneel to God when we start each day,
And seek His guidance to show the way;
For wisdom comes with the fear of God
And this she taught us, let us praise her loud-for
With deligence do we strive so hard
To dispel darkness of ignorance
Good men of our land, we’re taught to be
I’ll carry her banner for all to see - For
With FAITH in God we do look ahead,
His grace will bless all over ENDEAVOUR
In wisdom and POWER we are sure to grow
God’s mercy is great and this We know - For
-Prof. J.M. Arthur.