Associations and Clubs

Associations and Clubs

Every discipline has its own association. The Principal is the patron of all associations. The Head of the Department of the concerned subject is the President. The next senior Professor in the department is the Vicepresident of the association. The secretary is elected from the final year degree class representatives.

The aim of all the associations is to help students engage themselves in meaningful pursuits to develop qualities of leadership and good citizenship. The Office bearers of the various associations shall organize debates, guest lectures pertaining to the respective subjects and also do every thing possible to develop their higher instincts. All Such programmes should be undertaken with the concurrence of the Presidents of the respective associations and the Principal.

The student Office-bearers of the associations shall not involve themselves any act of indiscipline leading to disruption of normal life on the campus. They shall no interfere directly in matters involving discipline and action thereon, which are the responsibilites of the Principal.

The secretary of each asociation shall in consultation with the other Office-bearers and the President of the association, prepare the programme of activities for the year and the budget for the same soon after the association elections are over. Under no circumstances expenditure in connection with the activities of each assoicatin shall exceed the amount allotted to each association by the Principal.

Fine Arts and Youth Welfare Club

The Fine Arts and Youth Welfare Club has been functioning very effectively in the college for the past two decades. The aim of the club is to tap the talents that, very often, remain dormant in a student and helps to develop them. Some of the students have a flair for fine arts and they are encouraged to participate in various competitions so that they can mould their personality. The club congratulates those students who have brought many a laurel to the institution competing in various programmes conducted by the University and other organizations.

Eco Club

The Eco Club, since its inception in 1992, has been engaged in the task of creating an environmental awareness among the students, the faculty and the community at large.

Some of the multifaceted and unique activities of the Club are distribution of saplings, organising trekking expeditions and holding seminars, developing an arboretum and a rockery on the campus and maintaining an quarium for the benefit of the ‘special children’.

Consumer Club

The Consumer club started functioning in the College from the academic year 1996-1997. The objectives of the club are :

  • To create consumer awareness among teaching staff, nonteaching staff and students of this college.
  • To guide those people who seek help for the redressal of consumer disputes.
  • To update knowledge in the field of consumer education.

Youth Red Cross

“The Youth Red Cross” is organised for the purpose of inculcating in the Youth of this Country an awareness especially in relation to the care of their own health and helpfulness to others. It is based on the three-fold programme of protection of health and life, service to the suffering and promotion of National and International friendship, to develop the mental and moral capacities of the youth.

Red Ribbon Club

This club is constituted as per the guidelines issued by the Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli. The mottos of this club are:

  • To help AIDS Patients.
  • To Create awareness among the public and students regarding AIDS.
  • To encourage blood donation and create awareness among the donors regarding hygiene.

Extension Activities

As a part of the extension activities of the college, we have adopted a most backward village. The objectives of adopting these villages are

  • To conduct community development programmes.
  • To encourage adult education and literacy programmes.
  • To contect environmental awareness programmes.
  • To conduct social work camps with the help of the N.G.Os.
  • To make the people aware of Govt. welfare schemes.
  • To have health hygiene awareness camps.
  • To give education to the local people on numerous rights.
  • To create awareness among the people about consumer problems.

Other Clubs

  • Planning forum
  • Social Service League
  • Student Christian Movement (for Protestant Christian Students only)
  • Ilakkia Mantam
  • Tamil Association
  • The English Literary Club
  • U.G. Maths Club
  • P.G. Maths Club
  • P.G. Physics Club
  • P.G. History Club
  • Eco Club
  • PG Commerce Association
  • PG Zoology Association
  • Research Forum For History
  • Chemistry Association
  • Botany Association
  • Commerce Association
  • Economics Association
  • Zoology Association
  • Tornus
  • Computer Science Association
  • ADOCS (Association for Department of Computer Science)