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  • Assistant Professor

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    M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D.

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    Department: Physics

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    Thossiya Bhavan Mankarai P O KK District

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1 Vibrational spectra and normal coordinate analysis of plant growth regulator 1-Napthalene acetamide C.RaviKumar, L.Padmaja, and I.Hubert Joe Spectrochim.Acta Part A 75,859-866(2010)
2 Density Functional Study on the Structural Conformations and Intramolecular Charge Transfer from the vibrational Spectra of the Anti-Cancer Drug Combretastatin-A2 L.Padmaja,C.Ravikumar, D.Sajan, I.Hubert Joe, V.S Jayakumar,G.R.Pettit and O. Faurskov Nielsen J.Raman spectrosc . 40, 419-428(2009)
3 NBO analysis and vibrational spectra of 2,6 Bis(P-methyl benzylidene cyclohexanone) using density functional theory L.Padmaja, M.Amalanathan, C.Ravikumar and I.Hubert Joe Spectrochim.Acta Part A 74, 349-356,(2009)
4 Analysis of vibrational spectra of L-Alanylglyciene based on density functional theory calculations L.Padmaja, C.Ravikumar, C.James, V.S Jayakumar and I.Hubert Joe Spectrochim.Acta Part A 71, 252-262(2008)
5 Vibrational spectral studies and the non-linear optical properties of a novel NLO material L-prolinium Tartrate L.Padmaja, T.Vijayakumar, I.hubert Joe, C.P.Reghunadhan Nair and V.S. Jayakumar J.Raman Spectrosc. 37, 1427-1441(2006)
Research Summary
1 Area of Specialization: Spectroscopy
2 Areas of Research: Vibrational Spectroscopy