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  • Assistant Professor

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    M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,B. Ed.

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    Department: Physics

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    Email: ajitha77raj@gmail.com
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    Vagai Pala Vilai, Kanjiracode P.O.

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1 Crystallization and studies of an NLO Material : NaClO3 single crystal, International Journal of advanced Scientific and Technical Research, vol.6, pp.694-701, 2012
2 Studies on Growth and Characterization of pure and doped sodium chlorate crystals, International Journal of Current Research, vol.5, pp.467-471, 2013
3 Chracterization of mixed crystals of sodium chlorate and sodium bromate and the doped nickel sulphate crystals, International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology, vol.3, pp.189-198, 2014
4 Synthesis and Characterization of Pure and Lithium nitrate doped Sodium bromate Single Crystals, International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, vol.5, pp.965-971, 2014