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  • Assistant Professor

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    Department: Mathematics

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    Email: nidhamaths@gmail.com
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    10-38, Jai Nivas, Thirumancholai, Kirathoor. P.O. 629 181.

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1 On harmonious coloring of C(Wn) and C(Fm,n), Electronic notes in Discrete Mathematics, vol.33, pp.95-99, 2009
2 2. Edge-Domsaturation number of a Graph, Gen. Math. Notes, vol.8(2), pp.1-10, 2012
3 A note on edge-domsaturation number of a graph, Open Journal of Discrete Mathematics, vol.2, pp.109-113, 2012
1 On harmonious coloring of C(Wn) and C(Fm,n), International Conference on Graph Theory and its applications, Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore, 2008