Marthandam - 629 165, Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu, INDIA
(Accredited with A Grade by the NAAC)
Day Care Centre

Our day care is the reliable and affordable institutional form of child care. It is often regulated with formal structured environment and settings. As a right day care, it delivers a quality, relatively natural form of child care everyone depends on. The day care accepts babies as young as four months old and allows staying the children until they enter kindergarten. A positive record through quality evaluation presents the report on; the way care givers interact with children, class room space, the level of training and toys and other equipments provided are in a classic and excellent texture.

Child minders provide different experiences than parental care does. They nurture the growing skills, the cognitive development and language skills of the children accordingly. A nice mix of activities during the day to teach different skills, such as singing, dancing and story telling are its forte. On the whole, the crèche is the provider of many of the instructional games which is a good mix of left and right brain activities that supports creativity in an organized, structured and methodical way. The day care enables to discover the best of lifestyles with passionate and non-perishable love.